Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation & Arbitration

With the addition of Wes Wollenweber, JPK can now provide Mediation, Arbitration and Med-Arb Services for:

  • Housing and Community Association Disputes
  • Employment & Non-Competition Disputes
  • Real Estate & Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Land Use Disputes
  • Construction Disputes

As the association and housing industry evolves, there will be a greater need for alternative dispute resolution with respect to community disputes, such as mediation and arbitration. In an effort to help the industry, Wes Wollenweber has developed a mediation and arbitration practice geared at community disputes and has authored a book on the subject. Wes has used his out-of-the-box skills to help communities resolve complex issues for multiple stakeholders involving land issues, development, neighbor-to-neighbor conflicts, and other challenging issues. Communities can find themselves upside down financially quickly in many legal disputes and dispute resolution can prevent those types of unnecessary outcomes. Having devoted 23 years to employment disputes, Wes also mediates a wide variety of employment litigation matters.


Tired of the same approach? Wes’s approach to mediation is the result of many years of advocating clients in a variety of legal disputes and contemplating innovative ways to approach dispute resolution. No mediation has to be exactly the same as any other. Wes believes in putting parties together, when prudent, (and it often is) to really talk through their conflicts and determine what are the key issues to resolve in the litigation and what are the parties’ most critical interests that need to be addressed.

Wes has not embarked on mediation work to shy away from the conflict of litigation. Rather, he thrives on being immersed in conflicts so that settlement can be explored and reached. Talented mediators thrive on confronting the conflict and working with the parties to find a resolution. To do that, conflict must be embraced as a facet of life that can actually empower us forward.


Mr. Wollenweber also offers facilitation services for community disputes, where often he works with a community, through its board of directors and specially appointed committees, to develop a particular strategy and plan to resolve a community dispute. Mr. Wollenweber has worked with multiple parties/stakeholders in community disputes concerning land use, objectionable structures, blocked views, and urban development. These types of disputes require intense collaboration and problem solving.


Mr. Wollenweber also offers arbitration of HOA disputes, which is catching the attention of cost conscious litigators who understand the value quickly going to arbitration on disputes that do not require extensive discovery. With over twenty two years of litigation experience, and many trials, Wes is efficient in honing in on the bona fide and key issues to the dispute and deciding the case on those meritorious points.

Wes’s dispute resolution mission is simple:  he embraces the parties’ conflict so that he can help empower them to reveal their true interests in the dispute, find common ground and end the conflict.


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